(Includes regular coffee, tea, or orange juice)

Farm Omelette

Ham, mushrooms, roasted onions, organic tarragon and local Mozzarella. Served with whole wheat toast, butter and Stella's homemade marmalade.


French Toast

Two slices of cinnamon brioche, served with fruit kebab and homemade syrup.



Belgian style! Along with a fruit skewer, served with: Homemade Syrup or Chocolate Sauce or Stella's Ice Cream.


Healthy And Energetic

Belgian style! Along with a fruit skewer, served with: Homemade Syrup or Chocolate Sauce or Stella's Ice Cream.



Four pancakes, along with a fruit skewer, homemade syrup. Additions: banana or chocolate chips.


Typical Stella's

Two farm eggs any style, "Gallo Pinto" (typical Costa Rican dish), fresh local cheese, fried plantains and hash browns.


Continental Monteverde

Basket savoury breads and pastry, whole wheat toast with butter and Stella's marmalade.


Huevos Rancheros

Two fried eggs on a corn tortilla, refried beans, crispy bacon, served with fresh tomato sauce and avocado


Vegetarian Burrito

Fresh mushrooms, tomato, scrambled eggs, local Mozzarella and refried beans; all wrapped in a spinach wheat tortilla. Served with mango, ginger and radish chutney.


Aligned tortilla

Palm tortilla with corn flour, Gouda cheese, fresh farm cheese and cheddar accompanied by custard from our farm and fresh cheese.



(Papas fritas en rebanadas servidas con mayonesa hecha en casa)

Caprese Ciabatta

Local fresh cheese, tomato slices, organic basil and our own pesto


Chicken BBQ

Home-made wholemeal bread, coriander aioli, a mixture from our farm's orchard, local Monterico cheese and avocado.


Cold Cuts and Cheeses

Salami and pepperoni, Monterrico cheese and fresh local cheeses, marinara sauce and rucula. Served with fresh herbs bread with roasted garlic.


Spinach Tortilla Wraps

(Servido con papas fritas rebanadas y salsa de tomates verdes hecha en casa o mayonesa rosada hecha en casa)

Hummus Stella's

Chile morrón, aguacate, tofu, tomate y mezcla de nuestra huerta.


Cajun Chicken

Salsa B.B.Q. casera, mezcla de la huerta, Mozzarella local y aguacate.



Slide Turkey

Tapenade de marañón y cilantro, aguacate, queso fresco, tomate y mezcla orgánica de la huerta.


(Served with artisan bread or white rice)


Chicken broth, roasted tomatoes and smoked bell peppers, with cheese, chicken and avocado. Served with rice or home-made bread.


Ayote Squash and Carrots

Vegetable stock, cinnamon, lemongrass and coconut milk.


Farmer's Salads

Farmer House

Organic mesclun, cucumber, red onions, edible flowers, tomatoes and sunflower seeds nougat with green pepper dressing.


Spinach And Aragula

Two varieties of organic spinach and arugula, fresh local cheese, radish, orange dressing and Dijon.


César Stella's

Organic lettuce, creamy garlic dressing, artisan croutons and fresh Parmesan and crispy bacon


Fresh Lasagne

(Served with toasted artisan bread and Caesar salad)

Bolognese Ragout

Layers of béchamel and Bolognese ragout, prepared at the moment.



Mix of fresh organic vegetables salted with garlic and olive oil with fresh tomato sauce and local Mozzarella.


Aurora Chicken

Chicken with béchamel sauce and zucchini, together with Stella's marine sauce, will form the aurora sauce, au gratin with pesto from the garden.


Home-made Quiché

(Served with green salad)

Lorraine Stella's

Bacon, ciboulette, whiping cream, farm eggs and local Mozzarella.


Sweet Corn and Dried Tomatoes

Cream of milk, farm eggs, local Mozzarella cheese and spinach.


Leeks and Goat Cheese

Onions, leeks, whipping cream, farm eggs, local Mozzarella and local goat cheese.



(Served with toasted artisan bread)

Penne Ragout Bolognese

Beef, slow-cooked with fresh tomatoes, herbs from the garden and duo of Argentine wines.


Fettuccine Mediterráneo

Roasted garlic, olive oil, mushrooms, bell peppers, eggplant, tomato, fresh organic basil with tomato sauce.


Spaghetti Pesto

Spinach and mushrooms, together with Stella's creamy pesto.


Warm Beverages

(Leches de Soja, Leche Deslactosada, Leche Regular)

Regular Coffee










Chai Latte




Mocha coffee


Red eye Coffee


Doppio Coffee


Hot Chocolate




Cold Beverages

Lemon tea




Cold Chocolate


Font Dor Water 500ml


Font Dor Water 1L


San Pellegrino 500 ml


San Pellegrino 500 ml



(Banana, papaya, strawberries, mango, blackberries, passion fruit, watermelon)

Water based


Milk based

(Soy Milk, Lactose Free Milk, Regular Milk)


Ice Cream based


Yogurt based



Artisan Local Beer


National Beer


Imported Beer