Our mission

We inspire the sharing of happiness by offering a warm space, sincere moments and well-being through recipes harvested with love.


Contribute to the prosperity of the world, remembering details that inspire us happiness.

Our history

Wallace Family

Stella’s started as a bakery in 1992. Stella Wallace came from England to connect with the Monteverde community. In her artistic creations Stella displayed that defiant presence, but expressed the tender and warm side of her by offering homemade pastries. In 2011, Glenda Méndez bought Stella's committed to sharing genuine moments with the same challenging force that she inspired Stella in her life.
Stella’s continues to remember the sweet and warm encounter of the early Quaker kitchens as they returned from a wet hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. We offer sincerity and well-being, why we believe in reaping happiness with tenderness.