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The metamorphosis of Stella's Monteverde

Stella's Monteverde is going through a metamorphosis, and Stella's Monteverde is not just a cafeteria, a restaurant or a bakery. Stella's Monteverde has evolved into a brand, a symbol for our family.

In a process of change, over the last few years we have turned this business into something more than just the sustenance of our family. We become a sustainability service for the business itself. We want to show customers, friends and family, everything we have achieved over the years and the change of logo is the most obvious way.

The logo of Stella's Monteverde, means the fusion of our farm which produces most of the raw material for our menu. The union of the restaurant and the cafeteria as such, the evolution to become a brand, a lifestyle and the belief that anything is possible. On a personal level.

"I want to express to you what this new image, with which I feel identified in many aspects and circumstances in my life, has awakened. Maybe it sounds pretentious, but that's how I identify.

Before so much adversity, would be the points of colors; these two images are spoons, trees, palettes, Lumina brand (name of the farm). I identify with number two. Two! Two spoons, two children (my two pillars), two opportunities, two businesses, two activities, two failures, two rebirths, two relationships, two sisters, two women, two men, two houses, two dogs, two cows, two horses. ¡more than identified!


Stella's Monteverde


Opposite Casem Coop, Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
+506.  2645-5560